Student Portal Guide

This guide is designed to help students navigate the Sierra Canyon Portal.


To access the Sierra Canyon Portal, follow these steps:

Click on "mySC" (circled in red) from the front page of the Sierra Canyon Website. 



Next is the portal sign in page. 

Please enter your login credentials. For new students, please refer to your welcome email.  If you need assistance, please email or call (818)882-8121 ext. 4357 during school hours. 



After logging in, the "My Day" page is displayed. This page contains useful information for students and parents. 

Areas of discussion are circled in red. We will begin starting with the left side of the page. 


Under "Performance," students and parents can find report cards as they are released. 

Under "Courses," you will find your student's individual "Class Pages." On the right side of the Courses header there is the switch for 1st and 2nd semester. Class Pages can be accessed by clicking on the name of the course. (More detail on Class Pages below.) If a student needs to communicate with a teacher, the teacher's contact information is listed across from their Class Page. 

On the right side is the "Attendance Summary." Here, attendance (absences and tardies) are recorded for the semester. *Please note that absences are marked per class and not per day. For example, if a student misses all 7 classes in one day, 7 absences will be displayed on the portal. Absences reset at the beginning of each semester.

At the top of the page, there is a "Schedule" link. This link will take you directly to your daily class schedule.


To add the schedule to another program such as Outlook or the calendar on your phone, click the export button (circled in red above). 


There are many options for importing the schedule into the device or app of your choice. 




Jumping to the "Assignment" tab for this class brings up image below. Missed assignments show up in red and are listed as overdue. Only assignments that are not passed their due date are displayed by default. To view previous assignments be sure to change the date view to "previous," circled in red. 



 If there are further questions regarding the portal, please ask your adviser. 







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