Student Portal Guide

This guide is designed to help students navigate the Sierra Canyon Portal.

To access the Sierra Canyon Portal, click "mySC" (circled in red) on the front page of the Sierra Canyon Website. 


 You will be redirected to the Portal login page.  Enter your login credentials. New students should refer to their welcome email. 

For assistance with login issues, please email or call (818)882-8121 ext. 4357 during school hours. 


 After logging in, you will be taken to the "My Day" page, which contains useful information, including your class schedule, assignments, report cards, and school-wide resources. 

Areas covered in this article are circled in red. 



Here you will find your report cards, with the current year displayed by default.  Click the "Select Grade" pulldown to see report cards for previous years, where applicable.


Here you will find links to your individual class pages, along with an email contact link for the class teacher. Choose the desired semester by choosing the appropriate Term button.  Note:  You can choose either Spring or Fall Semester, or both to see your entire year schedule.  Click the highlighted course name  to see details for that class, including Assignments, Grading Rubrics, Announcements, etc.  More info on class details below.

Attendance Summary

Here, you will see a summary of attendance (absences and tardies) for the current semester.  Absences reset at the beginning of each semester. Click on either the Absent or Tardy boxes to see details:


Please note:  absences are marked per class and not per day. For example, if a student misses all 7 classes in one day, 7 absences will be displayed on the portal. 


This link will open your class schedule, defaulting to the "Today" view.


Click on any class link to see details, such as Assignments, Grading Rubrics, etc.  Click the Month or Week buttons to change schedule view.  Sample Month view shown below: 



The Calendar displays your personal class schedule, but also includes school-wide events.  You can customize the calendar to show only those categories you wish to see displayed.  If a color appears immediately to the left of the category, that category's items are displayed on the calendar in the color shown.  Clicking each color will toggle between that category's events displaying (color appears) or not (box changes to white). The print icon in the upper right corner will print the currently displayed calendar:


Adding your schedule to your device

You can add your schedule (or any other events that appear on the calendar) to any phone or other device that supports WebCal Feeds.  Each calendar group must be exported separately.  For example, if you want your class schedule and your assignments to appear on your device, you will need to configure each calendar individually, then copy a link for each into your device's calendar program.  Instructions vary by device.


 Course details

To access details for your classes, click the highlighted course name, either from the Course section on the Progress page, or the Schedule page. A page like the one below will appear:



Clicking the "Assignment" tab will display a page like the one below.  Here you can view all assigned coursework for the class in question. By default, only currently assignments will appear. To view previous assignments, change Date View to "previous."

Please note:  Missed assignments will display a Status of "Overdue" in red. 


Calendar View:


 If you have additional questions regarding the portal, please speak to your adviser. 

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