Portal Account Conversion Steps (Student Version)

The way you are signing into the Portal is changing. 

Starting Friday 8-30-2019 you will need to add to your user name. 

If you are signed into the portal Sign Out. 

From the Portal login page you should enter your Sierra Canyon email address. 

Do Not Select "Remember me" at this time!


The Portal will then prompt you to convert your account. 

The only option will be to click Continue. Please press Continue. 


The screen will take you to a few different websites very quickly, and then you will end up on 


Please login here with your FirstName.LastName and Sierra Canyon password.

You might see the following screen, If you are on your own device select yes, If you are on a shared device select no. 



Your portal will load at this point. 

After your account is converted you may select remember me at the Portal login page. 

Pleases note your user name is now


If you have any problems please stop by the upper campus Technology Office. 



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