Installing Microsoft Teams

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In order to be present in the Distance Learning classroom, students will need to install the software on a device. We recommend a desktop or laptop computer as opposed to a mobile device, but either one will work. We do not recommend using the online version as it does not have the same functions and views as the downloaded version.


We have chosen this software because it is part of the Microsoft software that we already use and your login and password information are a part of our single sign-in system – you log in with the same username and password that you use for the Portal and your school email.

We will continue to use the Portal as we always have: Teachers will still enter attendance and homework through the Portal.


One-Time Setup

Mobile Devices

To install Teams on a phone or tablet, simply to to the appropriate app store for your device and search for Microsoft Teams. Once downloaded, log in using your regular username and password.

When the class begins, you will receive an alert offering audio or video options. You should accept with video.

Desktop or Laptop

To install on a desktop or laptop, go to You might need to log in if you are not already logged in to the Portal or your school email.

Please open your browser and go to Or click here.

Select sign in.


Enter your school email address. 


 Then enter it again with your password.


From the list of apps flowing from left to right across your page select Teams. 


 Go to the bottom left corner and click the download button.


Double click to install once the download completes.

Follow the prompts to finish the installation on your computer.



If you are using a phone, click on the app to open it.

If you are on a Mac, open your Finder and go to your Applications menu. You will find Teams under Microsoft Teams. You can drag this icon to your desktop for easy access if you want. Double-click to open it.

For a PC its under the start menu, Programs. Double click to open it. You can pin it to the task bar for easy access by right clicking on it after you open it.


You can sign in using your regular Sierra Canyon username and password.


Now you are set up to use Teams.


Click here for Upper Campus Student use guide.

Click here for Teachers use guide

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