Using Teams - Upper Campus Student Version

It is best to use the Teams application, either mobile or installed on a computer as it has increased functionality compared to the web version. 

For a guide to install Microsoft Teams click here


The app version of teams will notify you when meetings you are included in have started and allow you to join. 



Just like on campus sometime you will be late for class and this is acceptable as long as it does not happen 5 times in a semester, that will get you a detention. 

If you find yourself late to a class and having missed the notification you can still join. 

On the left column select teams and the class you should be in. 


If it is currently meeting you will see an option that states Join. 

Click it. 



You check that your webcam and microphone are turned on. Move both of the sliders to the on position like the microphone slider below. The middle button allows you to blur your background so that only you are displayed. If you have custom headphones or microphones you can configure teams to use them before you join the class by selecting custom setup. 



Once you are in class your teacher might ask you to only ask questions in the chat. To access the chat select the third icon from the right. Screen_Shot_2020-03-11_at_11.24.30_PM.png

What you type into chat is communicated to the whole class, along with your name and the time you asked it. 


After class your teacher might post a recording of the lesson. This will let you review the material covered again or access it for the first time if you missed the class. To watch it go back to teams on the left bar and then select the class, It will open in the Posts section. scroll up until you find the video you want to watch and click on it. 



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