Teams Guidebook – Upper Campus Teacher Version


This guide will walk you through how to set up and teach a class online using Microsoft Teams. With this software, you will be able to conduct your class online. You will be able to: 


  • Talk to everyone in the class
  • Hear everyone in the class
  • Use a built-in whiteboard
  • Upload files
  • Open files for everyone to see
  • Message the class while you teach 
  • Receive messages from students during the class 
  • Record the class so absent students can view it later
  • Blur out the background so that students can see only your face clearly


We have chosen this software because it is part of the Microsoft software that we already use and your login and password information are a part of our single sign-in system – you log in with your regular username and password. 


We will continue to use the Portal as we always have: You will still enter attendance and assignments daily. You can choose how to collect homework – either through the Portal or by email. 


One-Time Setup

Click Here to setup the desktop / mobile version. It has more features than the web version and we strongly recommend its use. 


Adding Students


Your classes were created for you, but they do not yet have students in them. To add students, click on the Teams icon on the left menu. Select the class you wish to add students to and then click on the three dots in the upper right corner  of the appropriate team and choose Add member


A field will appear and it will default to student names. When you start typing it will search for anyone who has a matching Sierra Canyon email address. Please note this means legal names should be used not nicknames. To grab a list of legal names in your class go to Portal, select the class and then open the roster.


You can search for and select multiple students before hitting the Add button to join them to your class. 

After they have been added close the add members window. 

Your Class is now ready for instruction. 

Scheduling Class

On the left side select Calendar

and the on the top right select "+ New Meeting"

In the top field name your class meeting, to avoid confusion use the date, and the name of the class. 

For example: 3-13 Advanced Programming E-JE

This will help avoid student confusion. For the start time set it a few minutes in the past so that a student receives a call to attend class. 

You do not need to add students, the whole class can be notified by selecting add channel, clicking on the class and then selecting general.  

Hit Send to schedule the class. 


Teams will now create your meeting. This can take a minute. You will see a spinning circle next to your meeting on the calendar page. After the meeting is ready you will see the join button. You can also join the meeting by double clicking on it and selecting join at the top. 

Press Join. 

The sliders will let you turn on your camera, blur your background and mute / unmute your Mic. If you have a headset or speakers you want to use for this call you can select the gear icon and Custom Setup for this class. Press Join to start the class. 


Once in the class, you will see the bar below.

From left to right, this bar allows you to turn on and off you webcam, turn on and off your mic, share screen which contains a menu for showing your desktop, open apps, files and whiteboard with the class. This will be covered in more detail below. The three dots contain a menu for recording your class and blurring / unblurring your background. Next the chat button will open the class chat. The show participants button will open a menu to mute individual students or the whole class. If you're ready to leave class have students disconnect first!  Now is a good time to stop your recording and then go back to the participation page to make sure your room is empty. Screen_Shot_2020-03-11_at_11.24.30_PM.png


Share Screen button. 


This button allows you to share your entire desktop, or if you have an application open, only that specific app such as a Word document or webpage in chrome. You can also browse to individual files on your computer. 

Powerpoints are natively supported and work really well but take a moment to load. 

There is a whiteboard available. If you open it, all students will be able to see it and write on it. The whiteboard does not get recorded when you record the class. If you have a touch-screen device, you can write right on it. If you do not have a touch screen device, you will need to use the mouse to write.

More Actions section


From this menu you can start and stop class recording and blur your background. 

Insert chat button here

The Chat sidebar is hidden at the start of class. To open it click this button. This is where students can ask questions without interrupting your lesson by calling out, or if their mics are muted. 

insert participant button here

The participant tab will allow you to see who is in the meeting. This will simplify taking attendance. 


After the class

When class has ended the recording will be in the process of being created. This can take a little while. It will show in the channel Posts, where you will be taken as soon as you hang up. 







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