Using BBID to sign into multiple accounts

Using BBID to sign into multiple accounts

Can a parent use one Blackbaud ID for multiple schools?

Is it possible for a parent to use the same email address for their Blackbaud ID at multiple schools? When connecting to Blackbaud ID a parent gets the error, "The user already exists."


Yes it is possible for parents to use the same Blackbaud ID for multiple schools, or to connect an existing Blackbaud ID to a school.  When a parent that already has a BBID, for this or another school, is invited they will click on the invitation, just like any other user.  The difference will be, when they are at the "sign up" screen, instead of creating a new BBID, they will select the option at the bottom to "sign in."

Because this BBID is the same account that was previously established, the parent will have the same username and password for both schools.
This is what the BBID creation page looks like, and these are the options the parent will click

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