Using Microsoft Bookings

Using Microsoft Bookings

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  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Sierra Canyon School account
  3. If this is your first-time logging in, you’ll be prompted to set up your first calender. You can always change these settings later.

Create a new calendar

Step 1:

  • Name your calendar (this will be used for the link to the calendar – naming your calendar Donald Duck’s Barber Shop will make the address for booking ms/b/
  • Add an optional logo
  • Choose a business type (this will be “Education”)
  • Set business hours (choose the earliest and latest hours you will ever want meetings – you can black out time later)

Step 2:

  • Invite staff: select anyone who should be bookable and/or need the ability to adjust the schedules for anyone
  • Set anyone who needs to adjust their own availability/appointments to the Team member role
  • Set anyone who needs to schedule on behalf of others to the Scheduler role
  • The Administrator role allows you everything in the scheduler role + the ability to change settings
  • The Viewer role does not allow any bookings, but you can see all times booked.
  • You are unlikely to need to the Guest role which does not allow access, but occasional bookings assigned directly by email.

Explanation of different roles



Step 3:

  • Set up your “services.” Services are the types of appointments that should be bookable. You can customize these based on duration and/or topic.
  • You can also make certain types of appointments only available at certain days/times. For example, typical appointments are one hour, but from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on Mondays, you want to allow the booking of 15-minute appointments.
  • When editing a service, you can check the box to “Make this a Teams meeting.” Highly ecommended if meetings may be virtual as you will otherwise have to manually edit invitations later to include a meeting link.
  • Note: you can only add one service type initially (at setup) but you can add more later.

Step 4:

  • Select who can book appointments.
  • Select No self-service if you want your office to be responsible for doing all booking (this is not recommended)
  • Select People in my organization if you want only students and faculty/staff to be able to book a time
  • Select Anyone if you expect/need outside participants to book meetings (e.g. parents, college reps, etc.)

Modifying your calendar

Once you are set up, you can modify any of these parameters.

Booking page: Lets you modify scheduling policies, page branding, and other related settings.

Customers page: Shows an overview of everyone who has booked your services.

Staff page: Shows an overview of everyone who is “bookable” or a viewer, and will let you modify their availability.

  • For each staff member, there is an “Events on Office calendar affect availability” checkbox. Selecting this option will check the person’s main Outlook calendar to see if they are busy and block out that time accordingly.
  • “Notify the staff member via email when a booking assigned to them is created or changed” does pretty much what it sounds like.

Services page: Allows modification and addition of other types and durations of appointments.


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